Our daily goal is a simple one: to use design as a catalyst to build brands that thrive. As a team, we have a relentless desire to build creative systems that are smart, effective, and inspired. We seek relationships with like-minded clients who value the role that design plays in everyday life. Our grounded approach is a careful balance of creativity and strategy which yields solutions that are both inspiring and informative.


We methodically think through, and then design, for every single challenge individually and intentionally, because no two engagements are the same. We learn, we question, we position, we discuss, we create, we evolve, we build, we deploy, and we adjust as needed. Everything we do is about thinking and creating for each individual endeavor. This yields unique solutions for any challenge. This keeps every engagement fresh. This is how successful work is conceived. And this is our process.

8 truths

We’re designers first. But we strategize, position, write, package, code, and create greatness every day.


We are media and industry neutral, keeping our approach fresh and applicable in any field or discipline.


We’re a small group, with exponential bandwidth. Our smallness allows us to have relationships, not just clients.


We don’t think there is a difference between strategy and design. Here, we treat them as one.


We don’t have a singular process, we have an adaptive one. Every client, and every challenge, is different.


We believe design has an intrinsic power to influence, inspire, and move people. Design is what drives us.


We’re craftsmen. We’re doers. We get dirty because we care deeply about everything we do.


We sometimes say things that people don’t like to hear. But the truth always leads to better work.


STRATEGY / Brand Positioning, Brand Storyline, Naming

A solid strategic foundation is the essential first step in building a successful brand. We help establish the strategic and tonal foundation, using discovery and discussion to guide us. And then we build upon it.

Identity / Logos, Visual Systems, Guidelines

At our core, we are identity designers. Although our capabilities and experience encompass a wide range of design and strategy offerings, identity is at the center of everything we do. We love creating visual systems that are simple, smart, inspired, different, and memorable.

Digital / Websites, App Design, Motion & Video Graphics

As designers, we understand that a brand must be digitally beautiful. As developers, we understand that every digital experience must be intuitive, scalable, responsive, and easy for our clients to maintain. We make digital tools that become powerful, interactive brand assets.

Print / Brochures, Editorial, Promotional

We love print. We love how tangible, tactile, and personal it is. For all the newness, convenience and versatility of digital media, there is a distinctly human connection with a print piece that cannot be duplicated on a screen. We make print beautiful.

Packaging / Food & Beverage, Product, Promotional

Packaging is often the first and last touch point a consumer has with your brand. It’s an opportunity to seduce someone to choose you. It’s your brand, literally in the eyes and hands of your consumer. And it’s something we hold close to our hearts.

Environment / Retail, Exhibition, Point of Sale

A space is as essential as every branded touch point that got you there. Architectural, interior, retail, and exhibition spaces provide important moments of engagement between consumers and brands. We love bringing brands to space.

Broadcast / TV, Radio, Social Media

Selling a product, telling a story, building brand recognition, and making a memorable connection using moving words and pictures. We help broadcast brands, on a visceral level, using mediums that really move people.



Scott Pryor
Principal / Graphic Designer

24+ years in the brand design business, a master of the creative development process, a 1990 graduate of Eastern Michigan University, a member of the AIGA since 1996, a winner of numerous industry awards in corporate/brand identity, packaging, print, collateral, and interactive design, a connoisseur of wine labels, a runner every morning, and a lover of simple.


Deanna Sgambati
Principal / CFO / Copywriter

A 1990 Liberal Arts grad from the University of Michigan, a co-founder of PDCo with husband Scott, a financial/business wizard, an overseer of the vision and direction of our firm, a lover of spreadsheets, a sender of invoices, a maker of chocolate chip granola cookies that are used to woo potential clients, a kicker of butt, and a keeper of 3 amazing kids.


Adamo D’Aristotile
Graphic Designer

A 2006 graduate of the University of Michigan with a BFA in Graphic Design, a creative engineer, an information architect, a producer of outstanding print, interactive, packaging, identity, and branding work, a disciple of Massimo Vignelli, a dreamer, a foodie, a fantasy football champion, and a member of two extra-large, extra loud Italian families.


Katie Grimm
Graphic Designer

A 2010 graduate of the University of Michigan with a BFA in Art and Design, a developer and maintainer of relationships with each of our clients, a producer of print, packaging, editorial, and website design, a cheerful collaborator, a problem solver, an avid traveler, a tea drinker, a master of vegetarian cuisine, and the owner of two curious gray bunnies.


Jason Withrow

A holder of degrees in both psychology and information science (Akron, University of Michigan), a leader in both web development and strategy for 14+ years, an expert in user experience, a guider for clients that don’t even know they need it, a teacher of his trade at Washtenaw Community College, a herder of 3 kids, and an annual visitor of Disney World.